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About Ranger Wildlife Management

Ranger Wildlife Management is a single operator business, conducted by Nick Read of Yeronga, an inner suburb of Brisbane. Nick is a former Army officer who served over 31 years in the Australian Regular Army and seven in the Army Reserve before retiring from the Army, after which he worked for the Queensland Government for over eight years.

Nick has had many years of experience with wildlife in a non-professional setting, keeping reptiles from a young age, including venomous snakes as a teenager. Having completed a Venomous Snake Relocation Course in early 2013, Nick holds a Damage Mitigation Permit issued by the Queensland Department of Environment and Heritage Protection which allows him to, when necessary, move specific problematic wildlife from private properties.

Removing snakes can be a relatively simple task, though there is the requirement to ensure that no danger exists for residents, pets or to the snake remover. Venomous snakes present their own special element of risks and challenges in safe removal without injury to the animal.

Materials used in preventing entry of snakes to buildings (where considered practical)  are robust and long-lasting, ensuring that once in place, they will not require maintenance for many years, if ever.

It should be noted however that in some cases, the design and construction of buildings will make it impossible to prevent entry of snakes and in such cases, no pretence will be made that a solution can be put in place.


Flexibility is a keynote of the Ranger Wildlife Management business model and Nick can adapt to
client needs in most situations, as demonstrated by his capture of a fox in a very public inner city
Bisbane building one Sunday morning, when other agencies could not or would not respond.
Being an identified pest species, the fox had to be put down by lethal injection.  

Call Nick on 0418303625 for all your wildlife management queries. 



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